Why Join the Halifax Executive Association?

Business Growth

Members gain new sales. Sometimes these sales occur within weeks of joining; sometimes they take longer to realize. Most members will tell you that HXA is a very cost-effective marketing strategy, in addition to the social aspects of membership

Extend the Reach of Your Sales Force

When members know you and what you offer, they become an extension of your own sales force. How would you like to have the CEO of a major maritime company promoting your business?!

Timely Exchange of Information

Be it through formal presentations from fellow members, or from a 30-second announcement at our weekly meetings, members are privy to valuable business insight.

Personal Relationships and Integrity

Sure, you’re more likely to do business with people you know, like and trust. But the Halifax Executives Association is more than that: it's a very social place and its members are a very sociable bunch. Members are comfortable referring and doing business with other members because their decision is based on direct personal knowledge of the company and the integrity of its principal or partner. To that end, each member representative must be dependable and willing to provide only the highest quality goods, services and referrals.

Category Exclusivity

HXA membership classifications are carefully defined: only one business per category is permitted to join. Category exclusivity provides an important marketing edge in the Maritime’s largest market.


Your expensable HXA annual membership fee includes lunch at approximately 44 weekly meetings, and four fun social events each year for you and your spouse/partner.

To Learn and Inform

At lunch meetings, guest speakers give interesting presentations on topical issues. As well, members themselves have an opportunity to present to the membership on a subject of their choice.

Halifax Executives Association | 5675 Spring Garden Road | PO Box 36051 | Halifax, NS | B3J 3S9 | hxa@HXA.ca